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Thai Massage: Balancing Energy Flow for Flexibility and Healing

Thai Massage promotes relaxation, flexibilities and a greater circulation of energy. It incorporates yoga stretching actions along with acupressure as well as compression.

In general, clients feel extremely at ease and supple after the session. It is vital to keep track of how your body responds to the treatment. Speak with a physician if symptoms continue.

Flexible and at ease

The mobility of the joint is dependent not only upon flexibility but also on the location and form of the bones inside the joint and also the condition of the ligaments, tendons and the other joint structures them. If the structures get tight, they hinder in the circulation of energy which circulates vital prana through the body. The reduced energy flow affects your posture, organ function and stability.

Thai Massage is a full body treatment that includes dynamic stretching, manipulation and movements to increase flexibility and mobility. It allows the practitioner to reach places that are difficult to reach by other methods of massage.

Thai Massage helps reduce stress and tension. The rhythmic and relaxing moves create a connection between the mind and body that allows the client to relax and let go. The relaxed state of your mind will ease the pain of chronic conditions like headaches and backaches.

Beneficial effects of Thai Massage

Thai Massage can be a powerful treatment that can treat many common illnesses. Massages help to ease backaches and neck pain, it improves posture and helps reduce depression and anxiety. In addition, it stimulates and improves blood circulation. It can also help treat tiredness and fatigue as well as improves the performance of athletes.

Thai massage combines stretching, acupressure, and energy work. Practitioners use their hands to push, squeeze, and rock the person. The patient is dressed in a professional manner and seated on a mat.

Sen is the word used for invisible energy lines running through your body in accordance with Thai old-fashioned medicine. They believe that these lines to circulate the vital life energy throughout the body. They power all physical, mental and emotional functions. If the energy channels in these areas get blocked, this causes discomfort and disease. Massage along these energy channels break down blocks to energy and encourages healing energy flow. Also, it assists in balancing and align the body’s yin and yang energy.

Thai Massage Techniques

Thai Massage as well as helping to relieving tension in the body and stretching, is also believed to help balance the energy flow. The body is believed to contain invisible pathways called Sen. (Similar to how blood vessels move vital nutrients to in the human body.) When these lines become unblock, diseases and illnesses develop.

The method involves assisted stretching along with joint rotations as well as using fingers, feet as well as elbows and knuckles. It is a practice to ‘palpate’ the body in this way along the Sen lines is taught to students. This helps to maintain the balance of energy and flow of life force that is free and fluid.

It is believed that this long-standing healing practice has its roots in the notion of Metta, or Loving Kindness. This is the core philosophy of every session, and it is evident in the gentle nature of all practitioners. The therapists who work at Vitality Float Spa foot massage Hoi An are trained to provide massages with mindfulness, which aids in promoting relaxation as well as a serene and calm mindset.

The origins of Thai massage and the philosophy behind it

Thai Massage has a history that dates back two thousand years ago. It has Buddhist, Ayurvedic, and Indigenous Pagan Thai spiritual influences. The method was taught primarily through the use of word-of mouth. It is still an holistic practice that addresses the mind, body and spirit together.

There is a belief that it was the source of Thai massage originated from one of the doctors from northern India who was Buddha’s personal doctor and was known by various names in ancient Buddhist writings (such like Jivaka Komarpaj, Shivago Komparaj). It is believed that this doctor was the genesis of numerous herbal medicines and massage practices. It is believed that he was also recognized with being the personal physician of Buddha.

This ancient system of healing is based on the notion that energy channels, also known as “sen” that are not visible, flow through our body. They are very like Chinese meridians or Indian nadis. It is believed that if these channels are restricted or stagnant, physical or emotional imbalances could occur.

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