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Choosing the right table to play poker at might seem easy, but there are some important factors to take into account when you are deciding. For example, is it better to look for a quiet table or a busy one?

Choose tournaments with fewer players to increase your chances

It stands to reason that playing in a poker tournament with fewer other players is your best chance of going far and maybe even winning it. If there is a large field, it is going to be extremely difficult to get to the final.

Having said that, the best tournaments with the biggest prizes tend to have more people taking part in them. So, if you want to try and win a lot of money and are confident of your poker skills, you might be tempted to join a big, popular tournament.

Alternatively, you could consider the video poker games in the best NJ online casino, as these are games where you can play without any other human players to distract you. Look at Resorts Casino and you will find the likes of Destiny Poker and Jester Poker where you try to make winning hands for fixed prizes.

Cash games have a lot of factors

When it comes to cash games, the simplest thing to say is that the more players taking part, the more difficult it is to win. Someone around the table might get a great hand and the more people, the more chance there is of this happening.

But there are other factors to take into account that are just as important. Like how experienced the players are and what strategies they use. The same game with the same number of players on two different tables could work out completely differently.

You would expect to win more money on a hand at a busy table, while a quiet table might involve more modest pots. This could mean that you win more often at the quiet table but that your overall funds end up pretty much the same in both cases.

What do you feel most comfortable with?

The next issue to consider is the stage you are at in your poker playing experience. If you have played a lot of games in different situations, you might feel completely comfortable about joining a table where there is a large number of players of all different types.

On the other hand, if you are still learning the ropes, you might feel more comfortable at a table where there are few players taking part. This will mean that there are fewer things for you to worry about and fewer strategies from other players to take into account.

Another way of looking at this is that a greater number of players at the table gives you extra time to consider your next move. Some people might find this to be an advantage when they are getting to grips with the game.

The only way to truly settle this debate is to try a few different games at both busy and quiet tables. This should allow you to work out what works best for you and gives you the best chance of winning.

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